Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Inches "Stats"

Jill and I have just finished proofing "Inches" before its final printing to get out for some early reviews. It looks beautiful on the page and John Holmes fans are going to LOVE it.

Because it has always been a numbers game, I thought it would be fun to share some stats about the new book, which will be out soon - 8.8.08 (John would have been 64):

+ 584 pages long
+ 14 chapters covering John's entire life in 418 pages (and three photo spreads with captions)
+ a 21 page, 2-column filmography including loops and features
+ 114 feature film reviews and 86 loops synopses - of films that Jill and I watched and ranked ourselves
+ last, but not least, the book begins with "Hardcore Martyr," a new reflection on The King by Bill Margold. P.S. If you're able, make the trip on 8.8.08 to Book Soup for the gala, which will be amazing.

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