Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back from L.A.!

Jill and I just got back from Los Angeles! The Playboy Radio event last Thursday night was a lot of fun with hosts Christy Canyon and Vanessa Blue, plus we were joined by John's widow, Laurie Holmes, who helped us a lot since this was our first public speaking experience related to the book! The following evening, we were joined by guest speakers Bill Margold, Cass Paley, Bob Chinn, and Laurie Holmes, prior to doing a reading from Inches and signing the book, which was officially released that day. It was a great evening -- a wonderful tribute to the late John Holmes and also a great book launch! Both of us are catching up and adjusting back to Eastern Time, but we will post more details about our week in L.A. soon!

~ Jennifer Sugar

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Terry said...

First of all, let me state that I am a personal friend of the author having known Jill for the past 32 years. My wife and I traveled to LA for the book launch at Booksoup on August 8th to support our friend. We knew very little about the porn industry, let alone the characters involved. John Holmes was just a name that I had heard during my youth. I, like most, knew the name for “that” reason. Our evening at the book signing involved meeting a number of people who were instrumental in the creation of this work of art –Bob Chin, Laurie Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Kenji, Bill Margold, Rhoda Jo Petty, Joel Sussman and Frank Tomlinson. They were ordinary people, approachable and genuine. Four of them spoke of the John Holmes they knew, offering an insight that was intriguing. I bought the book.
I was unable to put it down once I started reading. From the days of John’ youth, to his development into the “King” of porn, to the drugs and his downfall, to the Wonderland murders, to his rise from the ashes, until his death Jill and Jennifer, through extensive research and numerous interviews, have captured the essence of a man loved by many. They have expertly crafted a biography, which will be proven to be the gold standard given time.