Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Inches" & Beyond

Presently, Jennifer and I are moving forward at a good pace with respect to publicity and promotion of the book as our primary focal point. The comprehensive biography is now available at all major online outlets like: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, Borders.com, Chapters.Indigo.ca, etc., and also at our own website: www.johnholmesinches.com

Please visit our myspace page at: John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches.

Watch for upcoming reviews, interviews and mentions of the book in various newspaper, magazine publications, and websites such as: Film Threat, HUSTLER, SWANK, L.A. Weekly, P.S. Babylon, Gay Porn Times, Luke is Back, the Toronto Star, AVN, www.Tod-Hunter.net, Adult Industry News, and more!

We are currently working toward making the biography available at store locations throughout the U.S. and Canada!

In related news: In September, VCX will be releasing Johnny Wadd, the very first film of the famous nine part series. (The entire Johnny Wadd collection is reviewed in our book.) This 1970 film, co-starring Holmes' real-life girlfriend, Sandy Dempsey (distinguished by her infamous butterfly tattoo on her right thigh), has not been available since it made its theatrical debut in the early 70s. Additionally, never-before-seen footage from various John Holmes' 1980s feature films, is now available as VOD at http://www.johnholmes.com/ - "John Holmes Basement tapes", Volumes 1-4.

Excerpt from Chapter 14 ~


Bob Chinn: People are always going to be curious about somebody that is endowed like he. So there's that curiosity factor that got a shot in the arm with Boogie Nights. And with Boogie Nights, they reached a whole new mass audience that had never been aware of it before.

Laurie Holmes: The way he's been portrayed has been wrong and people have this perception already in their mind. There's nothing you can ever do that's going to change it. It's better sometimes that they just don't know.

Sean Amerson: In short, I don't really care about his drug abuse, the adult industry or the mass murders. None of that affected my relationship with him. That's not who I knew. I miss him, and the kindness and bond between a scared, abused little boy and a man no one understood was a human being.

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