Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love L.A. - Part Two

Laurie Holmes & Bob Chinn

Yes, Jennifer and I truly experienced lasting memories during our L.A. sojourn. The live Playboy Radio interaction was a lot of fun as it gave us an opportunity to warm up our chops before our appearance at Book Soup on Friday evening. It was really wonderful to be surrounded by so many terrific people who remembered good times with John, as the gala signified a celebration of the birth of the book, and John's 64th birthday.

One of the evening's highlights occured when Jennifer read a heartfelt letter contributed by Seka, that was designated for John, with a special inclusion for Laurie Holmes. Jennifer's articulate and moving presentation brought tears to Laurie's eyes, just prior to her introduction, where she expressed sincere praise for us and our work. Bob Chinn, in his humble but genuine manner, told the audience how it all began for John, when Chinn and Holmes combined their efforts to create the legendary playboy of the blue screen -- detective Johnny Wadd.

WADD documentary director, Cass Paley, recalled how four years ago, he had warned Jennifer just how challenging it would be to attempt to write a book about Holmes, and Bill Margold was in good form as he regaled the audience with stories of the "old" days when porn was illegal and its participants were considered outlaws.

Jennifer and I took turns reading select excerpts while the full house listened attentively, before we made our way toward the back of the store to personalize copies of the book for fans and friends.

Many guests attended the event, such as the lovely, Rhonda Jo Petty, and Porn's Ambassador, Ron Jeremy, along with still photographers, Joel Sussman and Kenji, former L.A.P.D. detective, Frank Tomlinson, psychologist and (now) author, Vonda L. Pelto, and former director of early Holmes loops, Mark Novick. Jennifer and I were also supported by our spouses and family, and my good friends, Lyn and Terry, flew all the way from Southern, Ontario to be with us at the signing! The evening was a resounding success as we posed proudly with our book, while our guests ate cake sporting the cover of the biography, that was specially crafted for the event.

Afterwards, a group of us hooked up for refreshments at the Rainbow before heading down North Fairfax Avenue to catch the midnight screening of one of Holmes' best, "Eruption", presented on 16 mm by "Chicago Joe".

No, we certainly couldn't have tailor-made a more spectacular event. To borrow a line from Mr. Holmes: "If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a stroke." It was a blast!

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Jennifer Sugar said...

That's a great summary of the trip, Jill - and an excellent photo of Laurie & Bob!

~ Jennifer Sugar