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Overview of "A Life Measured in Inches" by Gene Ross - Adult FYI

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Paul Thomas: The Fact that John Holmes Got AIDS and Died from It was Perfect

--Gene Ross

Porn was really cool back in the Eighties. Then when John Holmes died of AIDS in 1988, all of a sudden, it wasn’t as cool any more. The book John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches is an oral history of the most famous and controversial porn star of all time. Holmes had the mythical monster cock and the party personality to go with it. But when Holmes died, it was the effect of someone turning the lights on the party and calling the cops. And the spirited Free Love movement which began in the Sixties and proceeded pretty much undisturbed over two decades all of a sudden had its rude awakenings, repercussions and finger-pointings.
In the blizzard of quotes and assembly of porn junkie recollections and anecdotes, one comment in this fascinating book by Jennifer Sugar and Jill C. Nelson really leaps off the page. Paul Thomas offers his thoughts upon hearing of Holmes’ death.

“When I found out he had AIDS,” says Thomas, “I was in denial because then I was scared that I had it. I wouldn’t test. It seemed the proper ending for Holmes, or anyone else in this business. It seemed not surprising at all, in fact, it was surprising that we all didn’t have it. That was amazing: not that he had it, but that we all didn’t have it. I’d crossed swords with him many times. He was with a girl and three seconds later, I was with her, so it was surprising that we all didn’t get it. The fact that he got it and died from it was perfect. Tragic, but perfect.” By the way, Holmes knew he had AIDS and continued to perform.

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Jennifer Sugar said...

A couple of things about this little review by Mr. Ross -

For one, I wanted to make sure that Paul Thomas' quote was kept in the correct context and not slung around... PT was simply explaining how John's death from AIDS was a perfect ending to the tragedy that is his life story -- and not that it literally was "perfect" that John died of AIDS.

Second, I wanted to clarify that John worked in only two films while he knew he had AIDS, and luckily, he did not infect anyone. I don't dispute that John's decision was a callous and despicable one; however, Amber Lynn (who was one of the actresses exposed to HIV through working with John in the Italian films) explained that she was able to forgive John because she understood that drugs had negatively affected his ability to think rationally.

~~ Jennifer Sugar