Monday, September 1, 2008

What people are saying about: A Life Measured in Inches

Below is a compilation of quotes about the bio by various people who were interviewed for the book, among others:

- L.A. Times Critic comments: "I was impressed at how thorough and definitive it was." -- Kenneth Turan

- Editor of the Village Voice sexuality blog, "Naked City" summarized "Inches" this way: "Chocked full of primary sources... This book is an excellent piece of porn history. You learn a whole lot about John Holmes and also about porn in the 70s and 80s." -- Audacia Ray

- The author of the "Whatever became of?" series, had this to say about, "A Life Measured in Inches": "Long overdue, precisely researched and a breezy read." -- Richard Lamparski

- A former L.A.P.D. homicide detective writes: "A real insider's look into the life of John Holmes. The many quotes throughout the book give an interesting and insightful perspective to the Holmes story." -- Tom Lange

- Veteran film director and creator of the Johnny Wadd series recently summed up the biography: "A comprehensive survey of a great tragedy." -- Bob Chinn

- Former Golden Age starlet, who did her first film with John Holmes shares her thoughts: "This is an amazing biography! By far, it is the best and most balanced account of John Holmes and the most truthful book about the adult film industry that has ever been written." -- Rhonda Jo Petty

- Holmes' friend and still photographer states: "'A Life Measured in Inches' should be in every library. It is a historical piece." -- Joel Sussman

- Well respected actor and erotic film director claims: "It is a fine, sensitively written piece of work. I am very pleased and proud to be a part of it. It will always be the definitive work on Holmes and it's a great read.-- Jamie Gillis

- Former Holmes' comrade and fellow performer writes: "Thanks for quoting me word for word, unlike other interviews I have participated in." -- Don Fernando

- A Hollywood scriptwriter says: "It tells the whole story about the man. It's the truth, not someone's fabricated tale of the life. It's a page turner and absolutely compelling. Kudos, ladies. You did an amazing job." -- Raven Touchstone

- John Holmes' widow states: "After watching the film, Wonderland, Jennifer and Jill believed there was more to John Holmes. I find the biography refreshing." -- Laurie Holmes

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