Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Las Vegas Recap & New Book Review

Laurie Holmes, Bill Margold, Jill Nelson & Jennifer Sugar - AEE 2009

Jennifer Sugar, Jason Green (of Paradise Visuals) & Jill Nelson - Day 2

Vintage John Holmes film posters and memorabilia display at Erotic Heritage Museum - Las Vegas 10/01/09

The 2009 AEE Las Vegas convention was a tremendous success and busy! Jennifer and I had a great time chatting with event attendees and many members of the adult entertainment and mainstream media. We participated in various interviews that will be forthcoming, and posed for photos. Thursday and Friday evenings, we attended parties hosted by Jason Green of Paradise Visuals at Hard Rock Cafe, and also by Clinton Davison of the Erotic Heritage Museum.

On Saturday afternoon, after spending our final day at the convention, Jennifer and I, along with Laurie Holmes and adult film historian William Margold (who wrote our book's Foreward and crowned John Holmes with the title, "The King"), appeared at the Erotic Heritage Museum book signing where we read bio excerpts, engaged in a lengthy Q&A and posed for more photos. The people we encountered there were wonderful. For a limited time, signed copies of the bio by Jennifer, myself and Laurie Holmes will be available at the EHM gift store.

The Las Vegas experience was fun and exhilarating and we only wish we'd had more time to spend, but overall, it was a great opportunity to continue to spread the word about INCHES.


Book Review:

Ottawa X-Press January 8th, 2009 (Canada)

John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches


by Geoffrey Brown

John Holmes: A Life Measured In Inches by Jennifer Sugar & Jill C. Nelson (BearManor Media) 584 pp John Holmes' uncut life

John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches is an almost ludicrously well-researched biography of the first true superstar of adult cinema, the legendary John Holmes (or Johnny Wadd as he was called in many of his films), renowned for being extremely - some might say grotesquely - well-endowed.

Jill Nelson, a hearing instrument specialist in Hamilton, says she was drawn to Holmes as a subject after watching Val Kilmer portray John Holmes in the movie Wonderland (which depicts the robbery of a notorious L.A. mobster, night club owner and drug lord by the name of Ed Nash, a man with whom Holmes had become affiliated through a mutual interest in freebase cocaine). "I found myself wanting to learn more," notes Nelson. "I couldn't fathom how an uncomplicated country boy from Ohio had somehow managed to be catapulted to the pinnacle of the erotic movie industry. I was interested to know what made Holmes tick, and in my spare time I began researching him on the Internet."

Nelson's co-writer, Jennifer Sugar (the two met on an entertainment message board), came to the subject in a similar manner. "She had watched Wonderland in 2004 and wanted to read a book about John, only to find that one did not exist. She decided to write it herself," says Nelson, "and about a year after she had commenced writing she invited me to assist her with the project and our collaboration began."

Nelson and Sugar's objective "was to provide an unbiased, balanced and unprecedented presentation of the events of Holmes' life, without resorting to a sensationalized account" (despite barely touching alcohol and completely abstaining from using illicit drugs at the beginning of his career, Holmes, in addition to eventually becoming addicted to cocaine, was also arrested for his part in the brutal "Wonderland murders" in 1981 and eventually died of AIDS). To that end, they conducted interviews with 35 people, including Holmes' ex-wife, Laurie, whom they interviewed at length and who "opened up to us and revealed new information about her personal life with John which was significant to the book, as she is generally guarded about talking to people about her late husband."

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the book is the very thoroughness of the research, especially the extremely detailed and comprehensive film and scene reviews at the back of the book. "We wrote all of the movie reviews and loops synopses ourselves. I'd say that our film reviews are more erotic in nature, while our loops are sexually explicit, since they are much shorter than the features (only 10 minutes in length, on average) and merely brief set-ups for sex. Jennifer and I indeed watched every single one of the 114 Holmes feature films," says Nelson, "and all 86 of the loops that are included in the reviews and loops sections of the book. It was definitely a herculean effort."

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