Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last Saturday, April 18th, was our fourth Book Event since the publication of "Inches" last August. What made it a very special experience for me is that the event was held in my home town of Burlington, Ontario, at Chapters Book Store. I couldn't have been happier as it was truly wonderful to feel the warmth and support of friends, family and unfamiliar faces.

What made it interesting is that due to the nature of John Holmes' profession and the time of day (high noon) that the presentation began, Chapters politely requested that I write something specific (PG) for the event rather than reading directly from our book. I decided to write a brief synopsis of John's life story that touched on the highlights and lowlights, while putting a human face on the penis/porn star. It was exciting to compose and deliver the overview, but more importantly, I was reminded of how much I enjoy writing.

TV Cogeco did an outstanding job covering the event and hopefully, one day I will learn who the mystery female photographer happened to be! No matter, it was a lot of fun and a resounding success, followed by a reception at our house afterwards.

Unfortunately, the book's originator, my co-writer (and friend), Jennifer Sugar, was not able to make it this time, but her presence was felt as I read a note by her describing how she had commenced to write the definitive biography of John Holmes. Additionally, Jennifer was pictured in a photograph taken of the two of us last summer, at our book launch and first official event. The photo proved to be significant as the attentive audience was able to appreciate how a determined and creative young mind can accomplish what many people dream about, while inspiring others along the way.

Next month... Ottawa!

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