Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hustler Canada - Excerpts

As Jennifer mentioned, the new Hustler Canada magazine - August 2009 edition, is now available for purchase. (This is our first cover!) Because this magazine can't be read online, we have provided you with some excerpts from the article/review/interview. Enjoy!

JOHN HOLMES BIOGRAPHY - Johnny Wadd... We Hardly Blew Ya!

By Keith Carman

"While his infamous Johnny Wadd is still omnipresent in pop culture some 20 years after his death and a few documentaries have struggled to peel back Holmes' personal layers posthumously, they were of minimal impact. Little was truly known about the true Holmes."


"Even two decades later, Holmes is an icon, making men jealous and women coo. From his portrayal as a ladykiller to his drug dependency, soft-heartedness and yearning for love, to ignoring his own mortality and endangering the lives of others after contracting AIDS, and his unusual involvement in the Wonderland Murders of the '80s, Holmes was--and is--an intriguing, beguiling figure."

"Therefore, it comes as little shock that the world's first authorized biography, John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches (Bear Manor Media) finds the most unusual of cohorts uniting to tell the in-depth tale of of Holmes' fascinating, albeit, troubled and dichotomous life: 20 something year-old MSU graduate, Jennifer Sugar, and 50-something hearing aid specialist/mother of two, Jill C. Nelson."

"And how, exactly do these two very opposing, very distant personalities find one another, let alone collaborate on their shared interest in Holmes, despite having absolutely no previous ties to the industry? Thank the internet. After participating on a message board for Wonderland, Nelson met Sugar who was already in the process of writing Holmes' biography."

Sugar: "I watched all of the documentaries, read John's autobiography and started watching his movies. I had so many questions; I wanted to read an in-depth biography and when I found that there wasn't one, available, I decided to write it."

Nelson: "I was blown away that a young woman of her age had taken on such a monumental task, particularly since [Jennifer] was only five years old when Holmes died from AIDS-related causes in 1988," Nelson relates with pride. "About a year after we'd started communicating, Jennifer invited me to be her collaborator."

"The end result is a captivating, heart-wrenching account of Holmes life related through intense interviews with his loved ones, colleagues, business associates and fellow stars. Rounded out with narrative links, previously-unreleased photos and a stunning index of every Holmes production throughout his career, John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches is a long-overdue tribute to one of the adult industry's pioneers, let alone the industry itself."

"Love him or loathe him," adds Sugar with finality, "John Holmes is a part of pop culture and American history."

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