Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RIP John Leslie


On Sunday December 5th, 2010, Adult Industry Legend, John Leslie, passed away from Cardiac Arrest at his home in Marin County, California at age 65. Leslie who is a highly regarded thespian, director, musician, artist and gourmet chef, is the second legendary male performer to have passed away this year; Jamie Gillis died in February. John Leslie was one of a significant core group of Golden Era male stars who was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame after John Holmes on February 14th, 1985. Leslie and Holmes appeared together in Swedish Erotica Loops and several feature films including The Erotic Adventures of Candy, Lust at First Bite, and Insatiable. A Life Measured in Inches contains interview material with the late Mr. Leslie.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Book Review

Although her website is specific to novels focusing on old school romance, Terri, from Bodice Ripper recently requested a copy of John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches for review on her website and blog. She gave the book a 4 1/2 star rating out of 5. On November 10th, Terri posted her comments. To read her thoughts, please visit:

Monday, November 1, 2010

More 'Johnny Wadd' News

There is more exciting news for Johnny Wadd creator and director, Bob Chinn. In addition to the forthcoming release of his first novel, Flesh of the Lotus, published by BearManor Fiction and based upon the second film of the nine-part adult detective series, Bob Chinn will also be the subject of a new Hollywood feature biopic that will center on his 10 year professional relationship with John Holmes. Producers have already started casting for the film. For more information, please read this item posted at Adult Video News: Congratulations, Bob!

Monday, October 25, 2010

About Johnny Wadd

The film noir character, private detective Johnny Wadd, made famous by John Holmes, was created by Bob Chinn in 1970. Chinn was a UCLA film school graduate who had started directing adult pictures by default, in order to raise his young family when he was unable to find suitable employment on mainstream Hollywood sets. During his studies, Chinn became friendly with a couple of students (Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek) who would later become famous as the two main attractions in the renowned musical group, The Doors in the late 1960s. The irony of having known two of the most notable individuals in pop culture, Jim Morrison and John Holmes, is not lost on Bob Chinn.

To commemorate the publication of Bob Chinn's debut novel, Flesh of the Lotus (the first of a six part series), is a special Johnny Wadd page (derived from A Life Measured in Inches) now available at as a tie-in with the book's release.

Monday, September 13, 2010

John Holmes, Johnny Wadd

Related Book News:

Flesh of the Lotus: A Johnny Wadd Novel by Bob Chinn


For fans of the erotic film noir ‘Johnny Wadd’ detective series, Jennifer and I are excited to announce the news that our friend, Bob Chinn (Johnny Wadd creator and director), has written his first complete novel, Flesh of the Lotus: A Johnny Wadd Novel, to be released by BearManor Fiction toward the end of 2010. Chinn has proven in his debut as an author to be a talented crime novelist who will pen six books based upon the JW series, including the unfinished, Waikiki Wadd. A special “Johnny Wadd” page derived from A Life Measured in Inches will be forthcoming to as a tie-in with the release of Flesh of the Lotus. Bob Chinn’s personal comments below are excerpted from the book’s Introduction:

“I had always wanted to make a film with a sort of film noir type theme so I thought that this might be a good time to try this out. John would play a private dick with a big dick. I dashed off a quick script on the back of a legal-sized envelope. I was still having trouble coming up with a name for the private detective. We had been talking about the girls we were going to cast in the film and then the conversation came around to how much we disliked shooting those pull out and visibly shoot it all over climax scenes that theater owners insisted on, and then we were discussing the guy we had just hired and Alain casually remarked, “God, the wad that guy must be able to shoot with a cock like that,” and then I knew that we had it. “Johnny Wadd,” I said. “With two d’s – we’ll call him Johnny Wadd.”

In this book I have tried to depict the character as more or less as I had originally envisioned him and would have liked him to be, and the story is set in the very era in which he was created. It was the era of the Vietnam War when both our country and our society were in the beginning stages of undergoing a radical transformation.

Johnny Wadd, the private detective character that I have depicted in this book was a part of that revolutionary era and he should not be confused with John Holmes the man, even though somehow they seem to have become almost inextricably linked by history into a single person.” - Bob Chinn

~ Copyright 2010 by Robert C. Chinn

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"INCHES" Celebrates 2nd Anniversary!

Today marks the second Anniversary of the publication and launch of John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches hosted by Book Soup in Hollywood, California. It is also the 66th birthday of our book's legendary and infamous subject - John Curtis Holmes. To commemorate this occasion, Jennifer and I look forward to the fall release of our bio in an audio version that will initially be available as an mp3/download. (We recorded the book over a week at my home in Southern Ontario, in July.) This will be the book's third format, in addition to paperback and kindle available at

We would also like to remind readers that for those interested in an autographed softcover of the biography signed by both authors, we have three available copies. For more information, you may contact us through our webmaster at: or our personal e-mail address at:

Leo birthday Trivia:

Under the Zodiac, John Holmes was born a Leo and often referred to himself as a "Triple Leo". Here are some rather interesting and entertaining characteristics that constitute people who are born under the Leo sign. Many of these same characteristics would describe my late father-in-law, who was born on August 9th. :)

The Leo type is the most dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert of all the zodiacal characters. In grandeur of manner, splendor of bearing and magnanimity of personality, they are the monarch's among humans as the lion is king of beasts. They are ambitious, courageous, dominant, strong willed, positive, independent and self-confident.

In his or her relations with others the Leo type is open, sincere, genuine and trusting. They are outgoing, spontaneously warm hearted and plain spoken, though never lacking in kindliness.

Leonians think and act bigger than others would normally dare; the ambitiousness of their schemes and idealism sometimes daunt their followers. If Leonians meet with setbacks they thrive on the adversity.

Their faults can be as large in scale as their virtues, and an excessively negative Leonian can be one of the most unpleasant human beings imaginable, displaying extreme arrogance, autocratic pride, haughtiness, and excessive hastiness of temper.

Leo's have a strong sex drive and are so attracted to the opposite sex that they find it hard to be constant; they can be so intensely sexual as to become dissolute. They may have numerous love affairs for their love of pleasure and beauty is liable to drive them from one attractive partner to another. They are very much inclined to deceive. Their marriages may fail for the same reason, yet they are sincere and generous to their lovers while love lasts...

Add to them a passion for luxury, a lust for power and emotional indulgence. If artistic, Leos can become stars of stage or screen.

- RIP John

Friday, July 23, 2010

Exxxstacy Show Update!

The Exxxstacy Show 2010 in Rosemont, Chicago, July 16th-18th, was a tremendous success! Although Jennifer had recently returned from visiting Chicago just prior to her trip to my home and wasn't able to attend, she and I signed several copies of "Inches" during her stay which almost sold out at the show!

During the three day convention, I conversed with many inquisitive and wonderful people and I was invited to be a guest on Christy Canyon's Sirius Satellite Playboy radio broadcast, live from the Donald E. Stephen's Centre. (Two summers ago, Jennifer, Laurie Holmes and I were Christy Canyon and Vanessa Blue's guests on Playboy Radio's 'Nightcalls' during 'Legends' week, on the eve of our book launch in Hollywood, California.) I was also pleased to meet one of the Golden Age's most prestigious stars, Ginger Lynn Allen, during our three day stay in the Windy city. This past winter I interviewed Ginger via telephone for a forthcoming book project, so I was very happy to finally make her acquaintance in person.

I was honoured to be asked to be interviewed on-camera by filmmaker, Valerie Gobos, for an upcoming documentary on the legendary Ms. Marilyn Chambers; we conducted one of the final interviews with Chambers for our bio two years prior to her untimely death in 2009. At the top of this blog, I am pictured along with Valerie Gobos, and "Chicago" Joe Rubin, an astute adult film historian who is integral to the Marilyn Chambers documentary.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and stopped by our booth! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all during my short but very enjoyable trip to Chi-Town!

** In other news, Jennifer and I are thrilled to announce that we successfully completed recording our book for the upcoming audio format. It was a challenging process, but also an extremely fun endeavor. Please stay tuned for news on availability later this year.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicago Adult Show - July 2010

The adult Exxxstacy show will be held at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Centre in Chicago, Illinois on July 16th, 17th & 18th, sponsored by Taboo Productions. (The Centre is located just five minutes from O’Hare airport.)

I will be available with signed copies of A Life Measured in Inches (by both Jennifer and myself) for sale, and look forward to meeting Golden Age fans!

John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches is also available for purchase on kindle; the upcoming audiobook and mp3/download formats will be available later this year. (Jennifer and I are currently recording “Inches” at my home in Ontario, Canada.)

For members of the media interested in an interview during the three day engagement, please write to: or

Please also visit the Official Event website for more information and to learn how to purchase tickets: Exxxstacy Show – entertainment

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

INCHES Filmography - Reference Guide

John Holmes’ vast loop and film work is unrivaled today by any adult star. In addition to being the definitive biography on the adult film world’s biggest icon, A Life Measured in Inches' 21 page filmography has widely been credited as an excellent reference guide. Holmes is one of the very few actors to have worked over three decades, performing in all facets of adult entertainment including: nude modeling, nudist shorts, black and white loops, mail order, simulated sex, softcore and hardcore erotic scenes and feature movies.

He is the first actor to have portrayed a recurring character in an adult series (spanning almost 10 years) as private detective Johnny Wadd. John Holmes is the very first X-Rated performer to have been inducted in the XRCO (X-Rated Critics Organization) Hall of Fame in 1985, and he is the profession’s first International star. Due to continued avid interest in Holmes’ legend and male superstar status, a substantial portion of Holmes’ film library has been carefully restored, digitalized and transferred from the masters, making some of his work available for purveyers for the first time.

The best selection of John Holmes early loops and feature films reviewed by Jennifer and myself for the book can be immediately accessed and enjoyed through VOD at: John

Sunday, June 13, 2010

John Holmes Biography is on Kindle

Jennifer and I are excited to announce that John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches has been published by BearManor Media as an Amazon kindle e-reader book on June 10, 2010. The kindle version of “Inches” is immediately available at for $13.95. Please visit this link for purchasing information: Inches on Kindle

Note: The audio format of John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches will be available later on this year.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Size Matters - Book Review by Rob Hardy

Rob Hardy is a book reviewer for The Commercial Dispatch in Columbus, Mississippi. He is also a practicing psychiatrist for Community Counseling Services in Columbus. Mr. Hardy is a top reviewer for, where a condensed version of this review can also be found. The following review is for The Dispatch.

Size Matters - Book Review by Rob Hardy

"John Holmes had an enormous penis. It would be unfair to say that this fact is the only interesting thing about him, but it really was the only remarkable thing. It was also the thing that determined how his life was going to go. It was what got him into pornography and made him a nationally-recognized star, and that in turn got him involved in drugs and crime and AIDS. If there were nothing to his life besides his record-breaking anatomy, Jennifer Sugar and Jill C. Nelson would not have had much to compile in their book _John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches_ (BearManor Media). They have, however, dug so deeply into what was written about the man during his career and what people remembered afterwards that this surely will be the definitive biography. It is almost 600 pages long, although that includes 150 pages of filmography at the end of the book, a list of all the known loops and films Holmes was in, along with a list of reviews of his more famous movies. The text of the book is not a traditional biography. It consists of quotations from many articles, books, and documentary films, as well as from interviews the authors conducted themselves. These are arranged chronologically, and if there is a lack of analysis in this biography, it is made up by the immediacy of the words from Holmes himself, his costars, directors, business partners, prosecutors, wives, and godchildren.

Well, first things first. The book’s subtitle makes plain that inches were the measurement of the man. How big was it? Well, big. No one who has seen a Holmes film will deny that; even his costar and competitor Ron Jeremy admitted himself to be second best in the size department. The problem with penis measurement is that even the anatomists have not come up with a foolproof, standardized way to measure a penis, and then there are all sorts of variables like temperature and degree of tumescence. There are no films of Holmes close to a ruler, but there are reports that he approached the fourteen inch mark, and such reports will not be incredible to those familiar with his films. In the films, too, it is obvious that Holmes’s erections were different from those of other men, and not just by size. His erection would not point upward; that’s just a matter of gravity. But also, his erection didn’t have the sort of firmness that typifies a tumescent penis of ordinary size. There was a standing joke that Holmes never got a full erection, because it would take so much blood he would lose consciousness. Annette Haven starred with him in several features, and found that Holmes’s erection collapsed down; it was “kind of squishy when erect, so actually it wasn’t that uncomfortable... it was like doing it with a big, soft loofah...” However, Ginger Lynn, who was lowered onto Holmes while hanging from a bar in the film _The Grafenberg Spot_, said that being in labor and having a child was easier than getting Holmes inside her.

Holmes, however, is given accolades for being a gentle lover. One star after another (girlfriends and wives, too) say that he knew he might cause some discomfort, and was always solicitous, saying things like “Is it okay? Do you want to stop?” Unlike many well-endowed men, he realized that there was a great deal more to lovemaking than just presenting a large package, and he is praised in these pages for his skill at different forms of foreplay. (He is also praised for an unusual skill which was useful for the directors he worked with: he was able to have an orgasm on cue. Annette Haven said, “He was a professional; got it up, got it off, and got the hell out of your hair.”) Many people make remarks on how nice a guy he was, consistently affable and helpful at least before the drug years started. A male costar remembers, “He would help carry equipment in from the truck and help set it up. He was almost an extension of the crew. You’d never see that today.” He enjoyed being a star, and was gracious with fans and fellow performers. Costar Richard Pacheco had his picture taken with Holmes and had Holmes sign it; the inscription shows some of Holmes’s graciousness and humor: “To Richard Pacheco, who taught me everything I know.” A surprising source of praise comes from the children of Bill Amerson, an adult talent agent and film producer. Sean and Denise Amerson were made Holmes’s godchildren, and Holmes was caring to both of them even during his bad years. Sean here tells a hilarious story of when he was called to the principal’s office, and since his father was not available, Holmes was called. The principal asked Sean beforehand, “That’s not _The_ John Holmes, is it?” and got confirmation. Holmes was serious about Sean’s infraction, discussed recompense and punishment sensibly, and everyone walked away satisfied. “Incidentally,” says Sean, “I was famous in high school from that day on.”

Holmes had two downfalls. One was cocaine, which he started using in the mid-seventies. He had been a Scotch drinker and casual pot smoker, but cocaine, often freebased, took over. Some of his most famous movies are from this time, before the cocaine began to be a problem, but eventually he was stealing props from his sets and selling them, or stealing from fellow actors, breaking into cars, or ripping off luggage at the airport. It isn’t a unique pattern, but it was grim. He worked for a drug supply gang, and stole drugs and money from them. His involvement led to his presence at the horrific revenge murder of the Wonderland Gang in 1981. Holmes was eventually charged with the four murders, but he was acquitted. He thereupon went relatively straight, and any use of drugs became just a recreation, not an obsession. He was able to make a happy comeback into his industry. He had been married, almost secretly, for nineteen years, when his first wife had had enough and sought divorce in 1983, but he formed a strong and supportive second marriage with his comeback costar “Misty Dawn”, a.k.a. Laurie Holmes. He was doing well until he contracted AIDS, the second downfall. It is not clear how he got it, but the knowledge that he had the disease propelled him back to using drugs. He also had unprotected sex with other performers during his final years, including the Italian actress (and member-to-be of the Italian parliament) Cicciolina in 1986, but there are no indications that he passed the disease to anyone. He made public appearances and autograph stops thereafter, but his physical appearance and abilities deteriorated. He died in 1988, aged 43.

Sugar and Nelson have not just given an account of Holmes’s unique life, although they have done that in astonishing detail. They have not been obsequious in praise of “The King,” nor have they neglected to detail his many flaws without excusing the questionable morality of some of Holmes’s off-screen actions (whatever you think of his on-screen ones). This is a look at a time when pornographic movies were going mainstream, an epoch before straight-to-video movies and before the internet. The time included not only Holmes’s first film (1970) in the famous _Johnny Wadd_ series, filmed in one day for $750; but also films with close-to-mainstream production values like the final in the series, The Return of _Johnny Wadd (1986). It’s the period of time covered by the wonderful Holmes-inspired movie, _Boogie Nights_, and any fan of that movie, of adult films, or of Holmes himself will be impressed by the thoroughness of this volume and its, uh, size."

Please also visit for regular updates and news. The 1986 audio interview with John Holmes is now available for access from the home page and also, under the "Goodies" header marked "audiofile".

Friday, May 14, 2010

John Holmes: Upcoming 1986 Audio Interview

With special thanks to Ms. Laurie Holmes and The Official John Holmes website at: portions of a rare audio interview with John will soon be available as an audiofile at the newly revamped

After his acquittal for first degree murder charges and up until the final year of his life, John made personal recordings and participated in audio interviews that he planned to use to write his memoirs (Porn King, published posthumously in 1998). A portion of these tapes were also utilized as resource material for John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches. In the upcoming featured segment, taped in 1986, John discusses The Return of Johnny Wadd (produced by Penguin, the adult company that he founded with business partner, Bill Amerson) and his insights on the adult genre, in general. Please stay tuned.

In other news, preparations for Exxxstacy Show Chicago 2010 in July are underway!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chicago Exxxstacy Show - July 2010

Jennifer and I have been invited to be exhibitors at this summer's Adult "Exxxstacy Show" in Chicago, during July 16th, 17th and 18th! The three day special engagement, sponsored by Taboo Productions, will be held at the Donald E. Stevens Conference Centre located on 5555 North River Rd., in Rosedale, Illinois - five miles from O'Hare airport. We will discuss and sign copies of A Life Measured in Inches while promoting the audiobook and mp3/download formats of our biography, due out later this year. This will be an exciting opportunity to meet with the public and members of the media in the Chicago area and outskirts. Also planned are special tributes to John Holmes and the legendary Marilyn Chambers, with details to follow later.

For members of the media interested in speaking with us during the convention, please write to: or

Please also visit the Official Event website for more information about star appearances and to learn how to purchase tickets: Exxxstacy Show – entertainment

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Definitive Johnny Wadd

In March, I was Chip Rowe's guest on his radio program, "The Playboy Advisor" at Sirius Satellite Radio. Rowe graciously praised our biography:

"John Holmes is probably best known for his role as private detective Johnny Wadd. Jennifer Sugar and Jill C. Nelson have written the definitive biography of John Holmes based largely on interviews they did with everyone involved in his life. It’s a very fascinating book and has a lot of different voices in it.” – Chip Rowe

In his April 2010 online column, "The Daily Advisor" for Playboy Magazine, Rowe summarizes our book in his piece, The Definitive Johnny Wadd, along with an edited version of our conversation.

To listen to the full radio interview that aired on March 24th, please click on the link below and highlight - Playboy Advisor Interview:

To listen to the full radio interview vingette at you tube, please click on the link below and highlight - Playboy Advisor Interview:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Playboy Advisor - March 24th, 2010

The Playboy Advisor radio segment with Playboy Magazine's Senior Editor, Chip Rowe, taped on March 4th will air on Wednesday March 24th at 1:00pm Eastern (10:00am PST) and repeat at 6:00pm (3:00pm PST) Eastern. The Playboy Advisor can be located at Sirius/XM Satellite Ch. 99. For those who don’t have Sirius/XM, you can listen online free for the first 30 days after registration. Please see: The Daily Advisor article for more details.

The interview will also be available soon at Enjoy!

Friday, March 12, 2010

March 13th 2010 - In Review

John Curtis Holmes passed away 22 years ago from AIDS-related complications; he was in his 44th year. During the last few years of his life, John decided to record portions of his life story on audio-tape. The back cover of our book has a partial quote from John that illustrates his idea of how we might perceive one another after we pass over to the other side. John's conception became a piece that he eventually put into words when recording thoughts for his memoirs. He titled it, 'The Monkey Tree': “The tree of life represents the roots of man. The branches are the different directions a man can take, live or exist. When you’re dead, those that you leave behind will put you in a part of that tree. It represents what was, what is and what will be. It’s eternal.” — John Holmes ~ RIP John

In January 2009, Jennifer and I attended the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. During the course of our stay, we met with several media members and participated in discussions about our book. Mike (Snowman), from 'Raincoat Reviews', recently uploaded our interview to his website. Please listen here:

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Playboy Advisor with Chip Rowe

Writer, Senior Editor of Playboy Magazine and Advisor to Playboy Magazine since 1994, Chip Rowe, has invited us to join him as his special guests on his new radio program, 'The Playboy Advisor' to discuss John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches. The 15 minute interview segment will tape this Thursday, March 4th. (Stay posted for air date.) The Playboy Advisor airs on Wednesdays at Sirius XM Satellite Ch. 99. (Check website link below for schedule.) The interview will also be available as a podcast for those who do not have Satellite Radio access.

Mr. Rowe will also be reviewing the critically acclaimed, A Life Measured in Inches for Playboy Magazine's online column. For more information about The Playboy Advisor, please visit:

John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches is available for purchase in soft cover and as an e-book at and all major online retailers. We'd like to remind visitors that the biography will be available as an audiobook and mp3/download in the fall of 2010.

Monday, February 22, 2010

RIP Jamie Gillis

Jamie Gillis passed away at the age of 66, from cancer, yesterday in New York City. Jill interviewed Jamie Gillis for Inches and had this to say in fond rememberance of the gifted adult actor, director and porn entrepreneur:

"Jamie Gillis was the first interview I did for "Inches". Jennifer already had several interviews under her belt and she was quickly becoming a veteran in that regard, but in the winter of 2007, I was still a virgin so to speak, and needed to get my feet wet. One afternoon while still at work, I left a voice message at Jamie Gillis's residence in New York, requesting a somewhat rare interview for our book. When I got home a few hours later, he had already returned my call with a very warm greeting on my answering service - accepting my request for an interview. I had only seen a couple of his film appearances and wanted to ask him specifically about working with John in Lust at First Bite (aka Dracula Sucks). (For those who aren't familiar with it, guess who plays Dracula?) Because of his reputation on screen, it was a little surreal to hear that hypnotic and seductive voice in reply to my call. It is definitely distinct.

"When we did the interview about a week later, I found him to be an open (perhaps a little forgetful at times, particularly about some of the titles of his films and his co-stars, but who can blame him), thoughtful and charismatic person. He was extremely sensitive to our project and to John's memory. The two actors first met in 1973 when John picked Jamie up in Los Angeles on their way to a film shoot. Jamie was immediately struck by John's casual, easy going manner and although they were never close friends, they always respected one another. Jamie felt that John possessed a "Jimmy Stewart" quality that he appreciated and immediately liked. Jamie Gillis was not a fan of mind-altering substances and he spoke about how drugs sadly converted people into monsters, including John. He was deeply disturbed when he read about the Wonderland events and John's connection to the homicides - that was not the John he had known. Due to his fear of flying, Jamie did not attend John's memorial service, but he was one of the select invited guests. Upon learning of John's illness, Jamie had suggested to some of Holmes' other male contemporaries that it would be a thoughtful gesture to do something for John during his dying days, in the way of a visit, or otherwise. He was frustrated at the time because he couldn't get anyone motivated to do so, but he understood that people were afraid.

"Jamie said that he'd always wanted a copy of the movie poster from the film, Marathon, that advertises Holmes and Gillis as two of the film's sexual titans during a sequence that would become "The Battle of the Giants". A few weeks after our interview, I found the poster online and sent it to him. He was very appreciative and sent a thank-you note. Partly as a joke in reference to being anatomically smaller than John Holmes, he signed it, "Your little Giant". When our book was published, we sent him a copy, as we had done for most of the people we had interviewed. A few weeks later, Jamie wrote a nice note and offered a quote about our work for our website. He had expressed to me earlier that he had not been entirely happy with The Other Hollywood, so we were pleased and honoured when he praised our book and said he was very happy to be involved.

"It wouldn't surprise me if one day the eccentricities of Jamie Gillis's intriguing life and work are represented in a project of magnitude. He is deserving. RIP 'Little Giant.'"

John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches is now available as an e-book. Please visit our website at: for details.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chapters Books Ancaster - Valentine's Weekend

Just a reminder that I will be at Chapters Book Store in Ancaster, Ontario this coming weekend to meet readers and sign copies of our book. For those of you searching for a unique Valentine's gift for that special person in your life, why not consider giving the gift of INCHES! :) Please read details below:

Chapters Book Store, located at the Meadowland Regional Centre, 737 Golf Links Road, Unit 1, Ancaster has invited co-author Jill C. Nelson, to sign her biography on Saturday February 13th, between 1-3:00pm. This is an opportunity for people living in the Hamilton-Niagara region to purchase a signed copy of the bio. Enter a draw to win two complimentary copies of “A Life Measured in Inches”. For more information, please call: (905) 648-7155 Chapters – Ancaster

Don't forget to check out our brand new website at:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chapters Books in Oakville

Saturday's book event was a lot of fun! In and amidst chatting with people, Chapters Book store graciously gave away two free copies of our bio during an in-store draw.

It is particularly interesting to observe that some women my age truly appreciate a little encouragement to select a biography about an adult film legend, as it is understandably a unique category for many readers. When I explain John's roots as a country boy from Ohio, and that despite many of his struggles, he had loved the outdoors, I immediately sense that something ignites within - the realization that we all share common ground. Deep inside we are all "regular folks".

For those of us who have experienced a good portion of life already, I sincerely believe that the next part of our journey is about giving ourselves permission to expand horizons, take the scenic route and embrace our mid-life awakening. It's all good.

I'll look forward to meeting readers at the next book event in Ancaster, Ontario. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Monday, January 18, 2010

New look for & more!

Authors Jennifer Sugar and Jill C. Nelson with
"Johnny Wadd" creator, Bob Chinn.

Hi everyone,

Jennifer and I are pleased to invite you all to visit us at our new home (same domain name) at We are excited to offer a fresh face with easier nagivation and alternative purchasing options for our biography. (Special thanks to for your creative guidance and excellent service!) We will continue to provide regular updates and add new material (and photos) to all categories. Please feel free to comment and/or provide feedback where applicable. We'd love to hear from you!

*On Tuesday January 12th, Jennifer and I were guests on the Blog Talk Radio show Literary Pizzazz, with host, Pam Osbey. The one hour interview is now available on-line. You may also download the show at this link:

*In other news, I will be at Chapters Book Store at Oakville Town Centre, 310 North Service Rd. W., on Saturday, Jan. 23 from noon-3 p.m. to talk to consumers and sign copies of our book, John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Literary Pizzazz

We're starting the New Year off right with an exciting new guest appearance! Please tune in to the BTR show, Literary Pizzazz, with host, Pam Osbey, on Tuesday January 12th at 8:00pm Eastern. For details, read the show synopsis below:

"The authors of John Holmes, a Life Measured in Inches will discuss the complexity and the creativity of John Holmes, going beyond the thrusts and the thrills of a man who focused his career on the length of his phallus. The book takes a candid view at his life behind the stills, loops, and adult videos that marked a career filled with highs, lows, and many in between moments that defined one of adult industry's greatest stars." Call-in number is: (646) 478-5460