Friday, May 14, 2010

John Holmes: Upcoming 1986 Audio Interview

With special thanks to Ms. Laurie Holmes and The Official John Holmes website at: portions of a rare audio interview with John will soon be available as an audiofile at the newly revamped

After his acquittal for first degree murder charges and up until the final year of his life, John made personal recordings and participated in audio interviews that he planned to use to write his memoirs (Porn King, published posthumously in 1998). A portion of these tapes were also utilized as resource material for John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches. In the upcoming featured segment, taped in 1986, John discusses The Return of Johnny Wadd (produced by Penguin, the adult company that he founded with business partner, Bill Amerson) and his insights on the adult genre, in general. Please stay tuned.

In other news, preparations for Exxxstacy Show Chicago 2010 in July are underway!

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