Monday, September 13, 2010

John Holmes, Johnny Wadd

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Flesh of the Lotus: A Johnny Wadd Novel by Bob Chinn


For fans of the erotic film noir ‘Johnny Wadd’ detective series, Jennifer and I are excited to announce the news that our friend, Bob Chinn (Johnny Wadd creator and director), has written his first complete novel, Flesh of the Lotus: A Johnny Wadd Novel, to be released by BearManor Fiction toward the end of 2010. Chinn has proven in his debut as an author to be a talented crime novelist who will pen six books based upon the JW series, including the unfinished, Waikiki Wadd. A special “Johnny Wadd” page derived from A Life Measured in Inches will be forthcoming to as a tie-in with the release of Flesh of the Lotus. Bob Chinn’s personal comments below are excerpted from the book’s Introduction:

“I had always wanted to make a film with a sort of film noir type theme so I thought that this might be a good time to try this out. John would play a private dick with a big dick. I dashed off a quick script on the back of a legal-sized envelope. I was still having trouble coming up with a name for the private detective. We had been talking about the girls we were going to cast in the film and then the conversation came around to how much we disliked shooting those pull out and visibly shoot it all over climax scenes that theater owners insisted on, and then we were discussing the guy we had just hired and Alain casually remarked, “God, the wad that guy must be able to shoot with a cock like that,” and then I knew that we had it. “Johnny Wadd,” I said. “With two d’s – we’ll call him Johnny Wadd.”

In this book I have tried to depict the character as more or less as I had originally envisioned him and would have liked him to be, and the story is set in the very era in which he was created. It was the era of the Vietnam War when both our country and our society were in the beginning stages of undergoing a radical transformation.

Johnny Wadd, the private detective character that I have depicted in this book was a part of that revolutionary era and he should not be confused with John Holmes the man, even though somehow they seem to have become almost inextricably linked by history into a single person.” - Bob Chinn

~ Copyright 2010 by Robert C. Chinn

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