Monday, October 25, 2010

About Johnny Wadd

The film noir character, private detective Johnny Wadd, made famous by John Holmes, was created by Bob Chinn in 1970. Chinn was a UCLA film school graduate who had started directing adult pictures by default, in order to raise his young family when he was unable to find suitable employment on mainstream Hollywood sets. During his studies, Chinn became friendly with a couple of students (Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek) who would later become famous as the two main attractions in the renowned musical group, The Doors in the late 1960s. The irony of having known two of the most notable individuals in pop culture, Jim Morrison and John Holmes, is not lost on Bob Chinn.

To commemorate the publication of Bob Chinn's debut novel, Flesh of the Lotus (the first of a six part series), is a special Johnny Wadd page (derived from A Life Measured in Inches) now available at as a tie-in with the book's release.