Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012

Four years ago today, Jennifer and I launched "A Life Measured in Inches" at Book Soup in Hollywood California. It was a memorable night in every respect, and an event neither one of us will forget. Today, August 8th, 2012, would have been John Holmes' 68th birthday. I have posted a quote from our book from John's Goddaughter Denise Amerson. The following excerpt is from Chapter 14 titled Remembering John.

Denise Amerson: To me, there is one conversation to sum up who he was, in a nutshell. John had always been -- as well as my dad -- there for us. I was raised in a crazy, crazy world and they tried to keep some normalcy. John was always behind me, no matter what I wanted to do, what I did, or how much trouble I got myself into. He was right there and he never asked for anything in return. Except there was one time, when he did say that he needed to talk to me about something serious and I guess it was when he started to get really sick. He knew that he was really sick and I didn't know that he was, but he sat me down and told me that he needed something from me and that it was really, really important that I had to promise him.
     I said, "Anything that you need."
     He said, no matter what happens in life -- no matter how old I am, of if I'm married or not married, or if he's dead or alive -- he asked me to promise that I would never ever watch a movie with him in it. That was the only thing that he's ever asked of me and it was so extremely important to him.
     I said, "Of course." I've kept that promise. I've never seen anything with him in it an I realized after he died why. When I really thought about John and about all the times he shared with our family, everything started to fit together about who he really was inside. I knew it was important to him because he was ashamed of that part of who he was.
     If I had a date or something, he would feel that it was necessary for him to tell me that it's not good for girls to be promiscuous. He had nothing to worry about and I just thought that it was odd, and would come back with comments like, "Oh yeah, look who's talking. You slept with probably the entire nation and listen to your own advice."
     He would always say, "That's my body, that's not my soul. That's the difference."
     I'm not saying that he didn't reap the benefits. [He] milked it for everything he could and could have gotten out of the business at any time before he got involved as he did, but it was great for him in a lot of ways. But I think that inside, he just didn't want to be John Holmes anymore.



Monday, July 9, 2012

Inches and Goddesses: Headpress Q & A

Recently, I spoke about John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches and my forthcoming upcoming book Golden Goddesses with writer John Harrison, author of a forthcoming biography on Rene Bond who will be featured in the 'Honorable Mentions' section of Goddesses. The interview in its entirety is available at through the following link: 
Thanks to John Harrison for his time, effort and excellent questions, and to for publishing the lengthy Q&A. John Holmes and Rene Bond are depicted in the photo attached to this post. ~ Jill C. Nelson

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Inches" on Kindle Update & "Goddesses" coming this fall

We would like to inform all readers that the Amazon kindle version of our biography was recently revised to correct all formatting concerns due to the complexity of the conversion. The kindle format of Inches looks great!

Please visit the following link at amazon to "look inside" the book or to send sample chapters to your kindle device or PC for perusal. All kindle books may also be read on PCs and other devices. The kindle format of "Inches" is $9.99.

In other news, it is my pleasure to announce that my next book, "Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women of Classic Erotic Cinema, 1968-1985", will be available this fall. Please visit the following book's blog at this link to read chapter excerpts:

Thank you for your readership and have a great Easter weekend!