Wednesday, January 22, 2014

John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches, Hardcover Editon - Now available at Amazon

John Holmes Hardcover
It's been in the works for quite some time, but today, we are very proud and pleased to share the news that the hardcover edition of John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches is now available at and all major online book retailers. The book retails at $38.66, and it is the second, updated version of the biography, which also includes a brand new introduction titled Conception by Jennifer Sugar and a postscript by Jill C. Nelson. See: A Life Measured in Inches Hard Cover
     This year will mark the twenty-sixth anniversary of John Holmes' death, and this August will be the sixth anniversary of the book's release. Readers, fans, and the curious continue to be fascinated by Holmes' wild, intriguing, and ultimately, tragic life and career.
      For those who are interested in the book's contents, interviewees, and would like to read sample passages, the following excerpts are from Chapter 5: Shooting Star. It features Serena, an adult film star and friend of Holmes, and Holmes himself. Serena's quote reveals John's playful side, while Holmes comments about the subject of marriage. At the time John made these statements, he was married to his first wife Sharon.

Serena: 'Every time I would see John, everytime we had a scene together, he would always ask me to marry him. It always blew my mind. I was married at the time to my childhood sweetheart, but we only got married because of a film that we did with Bill Margold. We got busted and I got married to this guy so that we wouldn't have to testify against each other. We were married, but John would always ask me to marry him. I had no idea if he was serious or not, but he would ask me in a very serious way. I would always laugh it off, saying, "Oh no, I'm already married!
     I remember this one time, on a movie that was a really big production, [John] knew the photographer. Most movies didn't even have a still photographer, but this guy was a still photographer who was covering the whole thing. The photographer's name was Joel Sussman. I was staying with Joel because my husband and I weren't getting along. I was taking a shower and I had cold cream all over my face. My hair was up in a towel and I came out into the living room. I was sobbing about how my husband and I didn't get along, and I was really upset.
     John came over to visit Joel and we all sat down at a card table. I was playing Led Zeppelin, which was my favorite band at the time. It was this song that made me sadder and sadder. I was just getting blue. Then John started telling me the words of the song, but putting a different slant on it, as if he was saying it and it was a happy song.
     He said, "Oh yeah, there's a girl with a towel on her head, and she's really, really sad," and I didn't even pick up on what he was saying at first, because I was listening to the song. He was going, "She's got all this cream all over her face, but I love her anyway," and he kept going on and on.
     I realized what he was saying when he got on his knees. I went, "Oh, my God! What is he doing?!" I said, "John, you idiot, I'm crying over my husband!"
     I thought that was a very sweet thing that he did.'

John Holmes: 'Marriage is antiquated. It's old fashioned. Eight out of ten marriages end up in divorce. Now, that's astounding. By 1980, eight and three-quarters of marriages will end up in divorce.
     I think what it basically comes down to, is we're in a Barbie Doll syndrome. From the time a little girl is born, all she has on her mind is wedding dresses, dollies and babies and, "Let's get married. Mommy and Daddy are married." It's a constant strife on their minds. I mean, their parents had sex before they were married and they only got married because Mommy got pregnant. They thought, "Let's be socially acceptable," -- and because they'd get a break on taxes. There are many reasons to get married, but if you love somebody -- if you're really hung up on them -- then live with them.'